Science Based Six Pack

If you have been longing for six pack abs, but you just can’t bring yourself to let go of all your favorite foods, a new program created by Thomas DeLauer may be for you. Thomas’s program shows men how to get six pack abs using nutrition, exercise, and intermittent fasting.

Of course everyone already knows you need good nutrition and exercise to achieve amazing abs, but why intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting has been proven to be the body’s #1 most efficient way to burn fat. It will help you get into a fat burning state and build lean muscle quickly. It’s so efficient that you don’t even necessarily have to change what you eat to lose body fat.

science based six pack

With Thomas DeLauer’s new Science Based Six Pack all you have to do is change WHEN you eat (not necessarily what you eat)… which means no more restricting the foods that you love… which means you’ll be able to stick to the program for it’s entirety.

Scientific studies dating back to 1988 show that men who participate in intermittent fasting experience a boost in human growth hormone (HGH).1 Human growth hormone promotes protein synthesis, which significantly boosts the body’s ability to burn fat and build new muscle.

Not only does the Science Based Six Pack program include an intermittent fasting protocol, Thomas also includes a shred fast workout course which includes 9 full-body workouts that will help you maximize glycogen depletion and fat loss, as well as specific instruction on how to break your fast.

You won’t find anything else similar in other intermittent fasting programs.

You will also have a choice between the Base Track plan and the Fast Track plan. The Base Track is a little more flexible, and it’s great for men who are new to dieting. The Fast Track is the exact intermittent fasting plan Thomas DeLauer uses.

To get started today sign up for Science Based Six Pack by clicking the button below. For starters, you’ll receive instant access to 5 video tutorials that teach you everything you need to know about intermittent fasting, but that’s not all.

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To learn more about the specifics of what all is included with Science Based Six Pack click the get more information button below, and you’ll be on your way to incredible six pack abs!


Why eating 5-6 small meals is definitely NOT the best way to lose fat and get abs.

How many times have you heard that eating “five or six small meals” evenly spaced throughout the day is great for shedding body fat and building muscle?

The theory behind this unproven idea is that every time you eat you’ll boost your metabolism which will keep your body from storing fat, and you’ll also be constantly supplying your body the nutrients it needs to re-build broken down muscle tissue.

First of all, who actually has the time and flexibility in there schedule to constantly worry about eating every few hours? Even though eating three meals per day isn’t the optimal way to get six pack abs, there are lots of good reasons why people have traditionally stuck to a schedule consisting of three meals per a day, such as; having the ability to manage your life, your fitness, and nutrition efficiently and practically.

Not only is eating five or six tiny meals each day a major pain in the behind to prepare and keep ready, constantly grazing on those five or six small meals keeps your body in its “fed state,” which is also called the “absorptive phase.”

In Science Based Six Pack Thomas DeLauer will introduce you to the three phases of eating your body cycles through with every meal you consume, and how you can strategically take advantage of these cycles by timing your meals in a way that automatically forces your body to burn fat.

science based six pack intermittent fasting thomas delauer

Simply put, if you’re constantly eating all day long your body is digesting food since you’re stuck in the “fed state,” and you’re continuously releasing insulin, and your insulin levels are telling your body to store more fat.

During the “fed state,” your body doesn’t release all of the digestive enzymes you need to break down fat. In order to break down fat, you need to be in the natural fat-burning “post absorptive phase,” which is where you’re body resorts to using stored energy reserves (i.e. your body fat) instead of using recently consumed food for energy.

Eating those five or six small meals, even if they’re perfectly prepped and totally nutritious, will cause your body to use less of your energy (fat) stores. The Science Based Six Pack intermittent fasting plan will teach you the optimal meal plan for fat loss and how to integrate balanced meals packed with the best macro-nutrients.

When you follow Thomas DeLauer’s intermittent fasting system your meals will be spaced out in a way that stabilizes your blood sugar, enables your body’s enzymes to burn fat, and prevents you from ever feeling hungry.

The bottom line is you don’t need to drive yourself crazy trying to prep five or six perfect small meals with the exact right macro-nutrients every single day.

Not only will you save time and money with Science Based Six Pack, you’ll also be supporting your body’s natural fat loss and muscle building ability.

Improve Your Body and Your Health with Science Based Six Pack

science based six pack thomas delauerImagine having more time each day to spend doing the things that make you happy.

Imagine being in better shape, and looking and feeling healthier than you ever have before.

The fact of the matter is, you can achieve these things…

  • without starving yourself.
  • without using every evening to prepare food for the next day.
  • without spending hours in the gym several times each week.

By utilizing the components of Science Based Six Pack, you can build muscle and burn fat, with a research-based program than men from around the world have already used successfully to change their lives for the better.

Science Based Six Pack utilizes intermittent fasting, but Thomas DeLauer goes above and beyond this idea to help you burn fat even faster. The program shows you how to use specific nutrients to keep your body burning fat, even during your eating periods.

Not only will you still be able to enjoy the foods you love, but you will learn how to use them to give your body the fuel it needs and to build muscle.

Time and time again, intermittent fasting has been scientifically proven to help men with muscle growth and fat loss at the same time, which leads to more strength and endurance for you.

Health-wise, Science Based Six Pack will help you with regulating your blood sugar levels, which will in turn decrease your hunger. Along with your hunger levels decreasing, your body fat will be broken down and converted into energy, allowing you to sustain a higher level of energy all day long. You will no longer experience the fatigue or brain fog that’s common with traditional “diets,” which deprive your body and brain of the nutrients they need to function at an optimum level.

Science Based Six Pack is the perfect fat loss program for any man who’s willing and able to give intermittent fasting a shot.

You’ll spend less time preparing bland, tasteless meals, which means you’ll have more time to spend on the things that are important to you.

Unlike other diets, you won’t have to completely change your entire way of eating. Ultimately this means you won’t have to give up your favorite foods, or find a “diet” compatible meal during a business dinner. Finally, a scientifically-based program, to build your body and improve your health!

The Science Based Six Pack Workouts Will Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine

If you want to burn fat and amplify the results you get with the intermittent fasting portion of Science Based Six Pack you’ll definitely want to utilize Thomas DeLauer’s ShredFast workout.

There’s a reason why Thomas DeLauer is the most subscribed to nutrition and fitness expert on YouTube. His intermittent fasting system is an exceptional way to burn fat, but by taking advantage of his simple to follow home workout program you’ll get results even more quickly.

The ShredFast Workout Course is the exercise component of the Science Based Six Pack Program. Like the nutrition plan, the exercise program is a simple and efficient way to burn fat and get six pack abs. It’s designed specifically to complement the intermittent fasting plan in order to maximize your body’s transformation.

What’s Involved in the ShredFast Workout Course?

science based six pack workouts shredfast courseThe 9 total body workout videos are only 25 minutes long and don’t require any expensive gym equipment.

On top of that, all the workouts include live demonstrations of each exercise, a built-in-timer, and Thomas DeLauer will be guiding you in each exercise with tips for correct form, and modifications for different fitness levels.

All you have to do is watch, follow, and repeat.

You can achieve your fitness goals in 25 minutes a day without leaving your home. This is a work out plan that is 100% doable. No excuses.

How Does It Work?

The Science Based Six Pack work out plan uses the “Time Under Tension” (TUT) principle.

Instead of focusing on completing a certain amount of reps, the TUT principle focuses on training a given muscle group for a specific time period. During a time under tension exercise your muscles will be working nonstop for the entire length of the exercise, which maximizes glycogen depletion.

As the glycogen (sugar) in your muscles runs low, your body starts burning fat rapidly.

When you combine the TUT method with intermittent fasting, the results are multiplied and your body becomes conditioned over time to burn stored energy more efficiently. Basically, you are training your body to be a powerful fat burning machine in the comfort of your living room.

Achieving your ideal physique is possible. When you combine the easy to follow ShredFast Workout Course along with the intermittent fasting portion of Science Based Six Pack, you will see the results you want even faster.

Science Based Six Pack Supplements for Free (BioHack Box)

If you are ready to be leaner, tighter and more shredded than ever before, the BioHack box may be exactly what you need to tip the scale in your favor.

This supplement stack includes three products that are each scientifically proven to boost your metabolism, stimulate weight loss, and help you build muscle.

For a limited time only, all men who grab a copy of Science Based Six Pack will get 3 free supplements in the BioHack Box.

The three supplements you’ll get for free in the BioHack box contains the following products, valued at over $200.

Men’s Elite Krill Oil

science based six pack supplementsThe Men’s Elite Krill Oil supplement has everything you need to kick start your journey to six pack abs.

Not only does this supplement help rev up your metabolism, but it also improves the way your body digests food and vitamins. That means you’ll get the added benefit of absorbing more nutrients on your fasting days.

The Omega 3’s in Krill Oil help stimulate weight loss by reducing the amount of fat stored in your tissues and liver.

Just one serving of Krill Oil is all it takes to reap these benefits all day long, and you’ll get a full 30 day supply when you join Science Based Six Pack today.

Alpha Armor

science based six pack supplementIt takes a complex combination of vitamins and minerals for your body to function each day

When your body becomes deficient in any one of these vital nutrients, it causes your metabolism to become slower and less efficient. This can be extremely counterproductive if your goal is to lose weight and build muscle.

Alpha Armor provides a solution to this problem.

With just one daily dose of this highly potent multivitamin/multi-mineral product, you can ensure that your body gets the nourishment it needs to perform at an optimal level no matter how many days you

Alpha Meal

science based six pack protein supplementIt is no secret that consuming a high quality protein source is essential when building lean muscle.

This grass-fed whey protein powder gives you just that. This powder supplement contains the branch chain amino acids you need to build muscle tissue.

The conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in Alpha Meal has been clinically proven to stimulate your body’s metabolism.

Together, these three supplements have everything you need to take your body to new heights.

The BioHack box, combined with Science Based Six Pack and the ShredFast workouts will help you build the six pack abs you’ve always dreamed of.

Science Based Six Pack Cost, Discount, and Guarantee

For a limited time some men may qualify to get a $200 discount on the Science Based Six Pack program. Normally retail price is $297, but you may be able to secure your order today for just $97 if you qualify to receive the special discount price.

science based six pack return policyLast, but not least, Thomas DeLauer allows you to try Science Based Six Pack risk free for 60 full days.

After you click the button and fill out the form on the next page and join the program today, you have a full 60 days to try the system.

If you change your mind in a week, or even a month from now, you don’t even need to give Thomas any explanation as to why you changed your mind.

If at any point in the next two months you decide this program is just not for you, for any reason what-so-ever, or even if you simply decide to throw in the towel and give up on yourself, you can click the return button and get all of your money back with the 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Click the button below and start your fat loss transformation with Thomas DeLauer today.